It's Official...I've Moved

I've been a busy bee these past few months, and wanted to let you all know that I have a new blog home and I'd like to invite you to check it out! I'll be sharing Etsy Shop updates, my photography, my reptilian pets, and photos of my daily life!  I've included a few links below to posts that you might like to check out. 

At The Park // Mushrooms & Millipedes

Fun Shoot Friday // 3

Fun Shoot Friday // 4

About Me Page

10 Things // April 2015

I hope to see you soon!

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Project 365 // Days 4-10

4:365  I finally ordered a 1.25" button machine + supplies for my shop!  I may start adding colored backgrounds to some of them too.  What do you think?  I'll be listing them soon!

5:365 (1)  I walked into the kitchen one morning to find our cat Wesley enjoying the kitchen cupboard :)  He loves finding new hiding spaces :)

5:365 (2) I can't believe I've already missed a day for this project!  I did manage to take 2 photos on the 5th though and couldn't decide which photo to share so I'm sharing both!  It's a rare thing for me to post photos of myself here, but I'd like to do it more often!  My hair is GINORMOUS and I can't believe how long it's gotten.

7:365  I snapshot of one of my favorite little figurines: Willow!  I cherished this movie as a kid, and I still love it.  Now I just need to find one of Madmartigan (my favorite)!

8:365  I am in love with EVERYTHING by Quyen Dinh and I can't wait to get this as a tattoo.  Check out the rest of her work here!

9:365  Spotted this little guy on a supply run to Petco.  You can't tell by the photo, but this tiny baby Crested Gecko was less than 2 inches long.  Cute cute cute!

10:365  My Ball Python Oliver :)

Have a great weekend!

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2015 Oh Rocky Desk Calender

Over the next few weeks (and beyond!), I will be expanding my product line to include a variety of items!  Today I'd like to introduce the 2015 Oh Rocky Desk Calendar!

Each calendar includes 12 sheets printed on heavy card stock and hand cut by me!  I've chosen 12 of my illustrations on colorful backgrounds to feature throughout the year, and recommend displaying them on a stand, or punching a hole in the top for a thumbtack!  

If you adore movies and cute illustrations, this calendar will make a perfect addition to your desk!  I can't wait to share more of what I'll be adding to the shop soon!

Which month is your favorite?  

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Project 365 // Days 1-3

 I'm going to challenge myself to stick with the 365 project this year and I reeeeally hope I can do it.  I'd love to print all of my photos out in the end and keep them in a box or book to look back on and see what I did every day of the year.  My posting schedule for this project will be every Saturday.  Eeeep I'm excited!  Let's go!

1:365  I found a new book series I need to collect!  The photos in these are incredible!!!

2:365  There's nothing that makes me smile quite like a good ol' thunderstorm.  When I was little I used to ask my mom to wake me up if there was a storm, because I just wanted to stay up and enjoy it :)

I created a 2015 Desk Calendar that will be available in my Oh Rocky shop soon!  I'm so proud of them!  Is it snobbish of me to gloat over my own little creations...because I've been obsessing and bragging about this thing all day!

If you're participating in the 365 Project and keeping a log of it online-leave a link in the comments!  I'd love to check it out!!!

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