Friday Favorites // 11

This commercial cracks me up every time I see it.  If you haven't seen it yet...just take a couple minutes and's funny.

A giant ice cream cone lamp?  I reeeeeally want the vanilla one for my craft room!

My current crush:  Kit Harington.  Does he not have the most glorious head of hair or what?!  I can't wait for Game of Thrones to return in April.  Also, we went to see Pompeii a few days ago, and I thought it was laughably bad.  Only redeeming qualities?  Mt Vesuvius and Kit Harington.

Gosh I love me some Benedict Cumberbatch :) :) :)

In case you didn't already know...this Sunday is Oscar Sunday!  If you missed my post on Monday, I shared a few of my picks and a link to a printable ballot!  You can check it out HERE!  I hope you have a grand weekend!  I'll be packing, reading, and watching the Oscars!

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Say Hello to the February Ad Swappers!

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I'm Harlynn of Mind Your Madness. 21-year-old hooper, auto body novice, and artist from Metro Detroit. I thought up my blog name while thinking about the phrase "mind your manners". While we all have to keep our manners in check, we should also keep our madness in check! We're all mad somehow.

What is your favorite movie?  Amelie
If you could be any book/tv/movie character, who would you be?  Coraline!  
Who was your first celebrity crush?  John Schneider


My name is Jennifer and my blog is Lovely Little Fawn.  I enjoy blogging about all things DIY, crafting, rustic, vintage, and wedding.  After getting married this past August and planning the whole event myself, I realized I had a true passion for wedding design.  Blogging is a good way for me to get my ideas to others and I truly have a passion for it.

What is your favorite movie?  I feel like I have a new favorite movie every week.  Currently I really love Crazy Stupid Love.
If you could be any book/tv/movie character, who would you be?  I would probably be Bella from the Twilight series
Who was your first celebrity crush?  My first celebrity crush was probably John Stamos (I was obsessed with Full House)


Hi! I'm Joie, and I am over at Confessions of a Book Pimp, where I am chronicling my desire to become fit and strong, as well as having fun sharing my fandoms and other likes. I'm also a pop culture fan, comic book & book lover (hence my nickname "Book Pimp" from my best friend) and an anime fan.

What is your favorite movie?  My favorite movies are The Goonies, Angus, and Empire Records. Those are my consistent go to's, but I don't know how to choose between them. Each I quote throughout the day, and I love them. Each are so quotable. And even though they aren't amazing films, they remind me of good times with friends
Who was your first celebrity crush?  My first celebrity crush was Jonathan Brandis. Neverending Story II, Ladybugs seaQuest DSV. I remember thinking he was very pretty, and desperately wanting to be his co-star!
If you could be any book/tv/movie character, who would you be?  If I could be any character, I would be Thursday Next from Jasper Fforde's series.  Thursday has the ability to read any book and by reading them, she can pop into it! In the Book World the central hub is the Great /Library where every  fictional book ever written is there (there's a separate library for non-fiction). This include the "Vanity Novels" (self published), fan-fiction, and of course Comics! This also happens to be my favorite series.  Thursday is strong and always tries to do the right thing. She's an exemplary bad-ass and heroine!

I just want to say thanks so much to you guys for swapping ads with me this month!  It really means a lot and I love having you here!  


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Shop Progress: Busy Busy

I haven't given you guys an update on my Etsy shop is quite a while so I wanted to share what's been going on!  If you're new to the blog and haven't seen any of my shop related posts before you can check out what I make HERE!  I've got 5 weeks left before I have to be moved out of the apartment, and I know that sounds like plenty of time...but I'm soooo stressing about it!  I packed up all of my movies and most of my books yesterday.  Matthew is going to be clearing everything out of my craft room soon so that I can start moving all of my boxes in there.  I seriously contemplated opening shop today since it's the day I planned on doing it....but I don't know what I was thinking!  With all of the packing and moving things around-there's no way I could stay organized for any shop orders I may receive.  Sooooo I've decided that I'll be opening shop April 1st instead!  It's much later than wanted...but it's practical.  What better day to open shop than the first day of my new life in a new (to me) home?!  
I've brought production to a halt and will be picking it back up and finishing more sets I've been working on closer to the move in date.  I've completed all of my shop set-up tasks including 34 item listings, my profile, shop announcement, welcome message, policies, AND set up all of my payment info.  All that's left is to press the open shop button and it's on!  After that I'll be uploading new listings regularly!  Yay!

Here are a few screenshots:

I also made this image as the final photo in all of my listings to show that all of my listings are available as mirrors, buttons, magnets, or key chains.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!

And actually....I do have a couple things I NEED to do before I open shop!  Including:  Order business cards and register my DBA/Tax ID!  Eeeep!  I can't wait for April 1st to get here!

Do you have an online shop?  I'd love to check it out!

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Things I Wanna Learn // 2 // Tattoo Flash Art

Stay Royal Print by Quyen Dinh at Parlor Tattoo Prints
I haven't always been attracted to the Flash style of tattoo.  As a matter of fact, none of my current tattoos are flash.  I haven't gotten a new tattoo in over 2 years, but over time I have become more and more attracted to the style.  I don't know that I would ever be comfortable enough to actually be an artist behind a tattoo gun, but I would love to start drawing and painting tattoo flash!

I recently registered for an online Watercolors 101 course that starts May 1st at Nicoles Classes, and I'm really excited about learning watercolor techniques.  I have absolutely no experience with them, but they've always appealed to me.  Not sure why I haven't gotten around to trying them....but I'm really looking forward to it!  After doing a bit of research, I've decided that after completing the course, I'm going to switch to Acrylic Ink Paints which behave very much like watercolors, but apparently they're more vibrant!

I've been so inspired by so many flash artists lately, but I've fallen completely in love with everything by Quyen Dinh of Parlor Tattoo Prints:

Sideshow Series by Quyen Dinh at Parlor Tattoo Prints
Monster Series 1 by Quyen Dinh at Parlor Tattoo Prints
Monster Series 2 by Quyen Denh at Parlor Tattoo Prints
After getting permission from the artist, I've decided I'm going to get  The Shining one as well as the Pennywise one this year as part of a sleeve project.  I would love to work on my own flash designs and come up with a Hannibal Lecter.  I think it would fit in nicely with the theme I'm going to go with.

What do you think of Flash Tattoos?

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List: Oscars 2014

I am so over-the-moon excited that it's Oscars week!!!  I'm sure it comes as no surprise that it's an actual Holiday in MindiLand and I can't wait for Sunday to get here!  For this weeks Movie List post, I'm going to share the nominees!  Let's get started!

Nominees: 12 Years A Slave, Dallas Buyers Club, American Hustle, Gravity, Nebraska, Captain Phillips, Her, Philomena, and The Wolf of Wall Street.
I've seen: 12 Years A Slave, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, Captain Phillips, and Her.
I Need To See:  American Hustle, Nebraska, Philomena, and The Wolf of Wall Street.
My Pick (based on those I've seen): 12 Years A Slave
Nominees: Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Dern
I've Seen: Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years A Slave
I Need To See: American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Nebraska
My Pick (based on those I've seen)Matthew McConaughey

Note: It's about f*cking time Leo won an Oscar for his performance.  I haven't seen The Wolf of Wall Street yet, but I would be so happy if he won.
Nominees:  Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Amy Adams, Judi Dench, Meryl Streep
I've Seen: Gravity
I Need To See: Blue Jasmine, American Hustle, Philomena, and August: Osage County
My Pick (based on those I've seen): Sandra Bullock

Note: I haven't seen Blue Jasmine yet, but I have a strong feeling that Cate Blanchett might take this one.
Nominees: Jared Leto, Barkhad Abdi, Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill, Michael Fassbender
I've Seen: Dallas Buyers Club, Captain Phillips, and 12 Years a Slave
I Need To See: American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street
My Pick (based on those I've seen): Jared Leto
Nominees: Lupita Nyong'o, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, June Squibb, Sally Hawkins
I've Seen: 12 Years a Slave
I Need To See: American Hustle, August: Osage County, Nebraska, and Blue Jasmine
My Pick (based on those I've seen): Lupita Nyong'o

So there you have it!  To see the rest of the list and to make your picks check out the Oscars site by clicking HERE!  Or if you'd like to print out a ballot for yourself and your friends use this really pretty one made by Kelly at Studio DIY!

What are some of your Oscar picks this year?

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Friday Favorites // 10

Wow I can't believe I'm already on my 10th Friday Favorites post! Where did the last 10 weeks go?! I've got so much packing to do this weekend, and I may possibly even move some of my things to Matthew's house..we'll see! are a few of my favorites this week:

dress, ring, shoes
I want a cat dress SO bad!  Wouldn't this outfit be so cute with a pair of polka dot tights and a denim jacket!  I know the weather is warming up, but I reeeeally wish I had this outfit for FALL!  (Maybe I'll buy it as a present to myself for reaching my weight loss goal later this year!)

These books!  The Wes Anderson one is definitely something I MUST have in my collection...and the Color Me Swoon book...I keep telling myself that it was created FOR ME!  How absolutely PERFECT!!!

Man oh man....April can't get here soon enough!  I'm so ready for the return of Game of Thrones!!!  By the way...I finally finished book 5 on Monday!  If you can...I highly recommend clearing some space in your reading schedule for those books.  Just do it. :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  I have lots of exciting things to share next week!  See you then!

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Recipe: Stuffed Poblano Pepper

This is quite possibly one of the simplest yet most scrumptious lunches that I like to throw together sometimes for lunch.  (Toss in a side of rice and you've got yourself a no-stress dinner!)  Here's what you need:

Poblano Pepper
Refried Black Beans
Rotel or Salsa
Shredded Cheese (or whatever kind you like!)

1. Remove the cap from the pepper and cut straight down the length so that you'll have two long halves. Remove any seeds that may be left inside.
2. Fill the cavities with the refried beans and top them with Rotel or salsa.  Microwave for 1 minute.
3. Top with cheese and microwave for 30 to 60 seconds.  Just enough to melt the cheese.

Easy as 1-2-3 right!?  Enjoy!

Spiciness will vary with individual peppers.

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List: Favorite Actresses

I initially intended to share this post the Monday following my Favorite Actors post, but with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman and my impatience to share a movie recommendation the week after that...the schedule got moved around just a bit.  As promised though, here is my current list of favorite actresses (in alphabetical order of course!)
Favorite Works: Donnie Darko, Secretary (on of my all time favorites), Mona Lisa Smile, and Stranger Than Fiction.  Also, I've heard it's good...and I have it in my collection but have never watched it but need to soon...Crazy Heart
Favorite Works: Girl Interrupted, A Mighty Heart, Changeling, and The Tourist.  If you haven't seen the preview for the upcoming looks FANTASTIC!  You can check out the trailer here!  I'm really excited about the makeup in it too.
Favorite Works: The Jacket, Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, The Duchess, A Dangerous Method, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and Anna Karenina.  In my opinion, this lady is the QUEEN of period films. 
Favorite Works: The Amityville Horror, Kick-Ass, Let Me InHugo and Dark Shadows.  Two of hers that I missed but really want to see are Texas Killing Fields and Hick.
Favorite Works: Defiance, The Kids Are All Right, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, Lawless, and Stoker (one of 2013's BEST films in my opinion).
Favorite Works: Heavenly Creatures, Titanic, Quills, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (on of my all time favorites), Finding Neverland, Little Children, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, and Contagion.  It's safe to say that Kate Winslet is my all-time favorite actress.  I would have a really difficult time re-arranging this list into order by favorites...but I KNOW she would be number one.

After making this list, I noticed something and had to go back and double check just to make sure.  All of these ladies (except Maggie Gyllenhaal) have co-starred in at least one film with Johnny Depp!  How awesome (and lucky for them! hahaha) is that?!  I'm going to have to go back and put him on my favorite actors list...I thought about it at the time and decided against it at the last minute for reasons that I don't even remember.  Obviously a lousy decision on my part.  I will update that soon :)

Who are your favorite actresses?

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Photodump: Valentine's Day 2014

I had SUCH an amazing Valentine's Day weekend!  I worked until 1:30, and headed straight to Matthew's house.  When I got there he had a couple of little gift baggies waiting for me as well as something reeeally big that I've been needing...a new desk for my craft room!  We saw it a few weeks ago while out shopping and I loved the color and design.
He had planned on having it put together before I got there, but due to mix ups with the post office it arrived late and he didn't get it until about an hour before I got there.  That worked out for the best though, because we have so much painting to do in there.  It won't fit through the door once it's put together.  I can't wait to share photos of the craft room as we make progress!
So what were the goodies in the bag?  Just some of the best things EVER:
 I have been wanting Jelly Shoes for SUCH a long time!  I used to wear them all the time when I was a kid, and I was fawning over these the other day on ModCloth, so he went ahead and ordered them for me!  I was afraid they might be nasty to break in...break out the band-aids sort of nastiness, but to my pleasant surprise...they are extremely comfortable and I haven't had problems so far!  They're perfect!  Also...I love the way they smell :) :) :)
 Look at these LUSH goodies!  So far I've only used some of the MMM bath melt (the pink one).  OMG it smells soooooooo yummy!  I can't wait to try the other ones!  From left to right they are: Floating Island Bath Melt, MMM Bath Melt, Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb, Space Girl Bath Bomb, and the ever popular Sex Bomb.
I also got a new smoothie/blender cookbook and I can't wait to try out some of the recipes.  I'm most excited about the breakfast smoothie recipes and am eager to find favorites to help out with my health/weight loss goals!

Aaaaaand we went to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, which is about an hours drive from us.  We are both HUGE animal lovers so I'll just let the photos tell you what a great time we had:

What's your favorite animal to see at the zoo?

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