FF // 7

 I love this outfit post by Annika.  She pulls off the classy pin-up/mermaid look like it's nobody's business.

This Ghost World ring from Nerd Burger Jewellery is SO awesome!

Roxy's phone case is the cutest and it looks SO great with her Thor outfit....you can see it here.

I am a complete sucker for bearded men and I love these photos of Tom Hardy.  SHWING!
TGIF.  Have a great weekend! 

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Shop Progress: Almost There!

I've been building the inventory that I want to open shop with and I'm getting closer and closer!  Here are a few more sneak peeks at some that I've made recently:
Dumb & Dumber
Predator, Harry Potter, The Office, The Big Lebowski, Predator again :)
I love the Dumb and Dumber ones and I've been making more and more that I want to sell as "sets".  Especially as magnets!  Next up I'm going to make a "Clueless"set and an "80s slang" set.

Is there anything you'd like to see?  Let me know! 

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List: Favorite Actors

Listed alphabetically by last name...because it would take FOREVER for me to decide otherwise haha!  Also, I tried to keep it to 10...but I just couldn't do that either.  Enjoy!

Christian Bale
Favorite works include: American Psycho, Equilibrium, The Machinist, Rescue Dawn, The Fighter, The Flowers of War, and of course...the Batman films!  I don't care what anyone says...his Batman voice is totally sexy.

Adrien Brody
Favorite works include: The Pianist, The Jacket, King Kong, The Darjeeling Limited, and The Brothers Bloom.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Favorite works include: Atonement, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, 12 Years A Slave, and Sherlock.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite works include: Titanic, The Beach, Gangs of New York, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, The Departed, Blood Diamond, Revolutionary Road, Shutter Island, Inception, Django Unchained, and The Great Gatsby.  I really hope he wins an Oscar this year for The Wolf of Wall Street, even though I haven't seen it yet.  I just think he deserves something HUGE for all of the great performances he's churned out year after year for such a long time.  It blows my mind that he's never won an Oscar.

Michael Fassbender
Favorite works include: Hunger, Fish Tank, Inglourious Basterds, Jane Eyre, A Dangerous Method, Shame (one of my all-time favorites), Prometheus, and 12 Years a Slave.

Ryan Gosling
Favorite works include: Murder by Numbers, The Notebook, Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl (I think this might be my absolute favorite of his!), Blue Valentine, Drive, Crazy Stupid Love, and Only God Forgives (which I posted about here).  I really wanna see The Place Beyond the Pines...which I plan on getting around to VERY soon!

Tom Hardy
Favorite works include: Inception, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Lawless, and The Dark Knight Rises.  I bought Bronson the other and am reeeally excited to see it.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to watch it one day this week :)

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Favorite works include: Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski, Cold Mountain, Capote, Mission Impossible III, The Savages, and Doubt.

Mads Mikkelsen
Favorite works include: Flame and Citron, A Royal Affair, The Hunt, and Hannibal.  I'm really looking forward to buying and watching Valhalla Rising-I've heard it's pretty great.

Viggo Mortensen
Favorite works include: The Lord of the Rings I, II, and III, Hidalgo, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, The Road, and A Dangerous Method.

Guy Pearce
Favorite works include: Momento, The Road, The King's Speech, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Lawless, Prometheus, and Iron Man III.

Christoph Waltz
Favorite works include: Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained.  As you can see, this guy is relatively new on my favorites list.  He's just awesome....also...he grows one of the most magnificent beards EVER! :)  I'm really looking forward to seeing him in the upcoming Tim Burton film: Big Eyes.

So there they are!  I tried to keep it to a "top 10" list, but I just couldn't do it.  I get really excited any time I find out about a new movie any of these guys are participating in.
Next week I'll do a similar list of favorite actresses :)

Who are your favorite actors?

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FF // 6

These cards by The Floral Prince are PERFECTLY me :)

 I love this wasp nest from Corinne's curious collection!  
 I've been wanting needing a haircut (it's been OVER 2 years!!!), and I've been thinking of going with something like this or a little longer.  I love the bob haircut and I would definitely keep it curly like this.  Also, I just love this photo of Keira Knightley...so pretty!
Happy Friday!

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Shop Progress: Mean Girls

Can you believe the movie Mean Girls turns 10 this year!?  This is also a reminder to me that I graduated High School 10 years ago!  Jeeeez I feel old!  I won't say anything else about the number 10 today...but I will share some really fun mirrors I threw together last week and all inspired by Mean Girls of course!

  There are so many really fun lines from that movie-so these were a blast to make.  In addition to mirrors I ordered supplies for key chain bottle openers, pin-back buttons, and magnets.  If you have a favorite line from Mean Girls that isn't in one of the photos above-PLEASE let me know!  I'd love to make more!  

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List: Favorite Films of all Time

"Amelie, an innocent and naive girl in Paris, with her own sense of justice, decides to help those around her and along the way, discovers love."-IMDB
The thing I love most about this film is Amelie herself.  She's quirky, clever, a do-gooder, and so much fun to watch.  I promise you'll fall in love with her!  Amelie was the very first foreign language film that I ever watched, and it ultimately launched my passion for them.  It was nominated for 5 Oscars including cinematography...it's beautiful and the colors are amazing!  If you've never seen a foreign language film, please give this one a shot.  It's magical.

American Beauty   
"Lester Burnham, a depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis, decides to turn his hectic life around after developing an infatuation for his daughter's attractive friend."-IMDB
I was a bit thrown off at the beginning of American Beauty the first time I saw it...because it actually gives away a crucial part of the ending.  After seeing it in it's entirety though, I appreciated that.  Keeping it in mind made me focus more on everything that was happening as the story progressed.  Although the movie is mostly focused on the happenings in Lester's life, all of the other characters are heavily focused on as well. It actually came away with 5 Oscars wins that year!  If you've never seen it-I highly recommend it.  My top 10 list wouldn't be complete without it.

Edward Scissorhands
"An uncommonly gentle young man, who happens to have scissors for hands, falls in love with a beautiful adolescent girl."-IMDB
Edward Scissorhands has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember.  It's one of those movies that I watched repeatedly as a child...and as an adult.  Tim Burton's creativity blows me away and I have to say that Edward Scissorhands is definitely my favorite Burton character.  I think it would have been so much fun to be part of the makeup, costume, and set design during the making of this one don't you?  I would love to have a pastel house with dinosaur shaped hedges outside.  All around...it's just a really fun quirky film and I love it.  

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
"A couple undergo a procedure to erase each other from their memories when their relationship turns sour, but it is only through the process of loss that they discover what they had to begin with."-IMDB
Eternal Sunshine is another one of those films that would just make my list incomplete if it were missing.  It deservedly won Best Original Screenplay that year at the Oscars.  It really is one of the most creative ideas in movie making in my opinion.  Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet were absolutely perfect with each other and Clementine is easily one of my favorite characters of all time.  She's super quirky, carefree, and sometimes annoying (but in a likable way).  As a side note: I'm kind of a sucker for Mark Ruffalo in this one as well.  He's obviously not the headliner in the film...but he is SO freakin' adorable!

Lost in Translation
"A faded movie star and a neglected young woman form an unlikely bond after crossing paths in Tokyo."-IMDB
 When I'm having a quiet day alone and want to watch a slow feel-good sort of movie-this is my go-to.  Lost in Translation won Best Original Screenplay and was written and directed by Sofia Coppola (Virgin Suicides).  Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson seem like they would be such a mismatch, but they actually work really well together and I love watching them in this movie.  Both characters are unhappy and experiencing  a kind of "lost" feeling in their lives, until they meet each other.  Sofia Coppola has a real gift for creating the true-to-life experience in movies.  I love her use of color and the dialogue between characters doesn't seem scripted.  I love it. 
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
"King Arthur and his knights embark on a low-budget search for the Grail, encountering many very silly obstacles."-IMDB
I've probably seen this movie more than I've seen any other movie...ever.  I never get tired of the insane silliness that IS Monty Python.  It is unquestionably one of the funniest movies EVER created, and even if I watched it every single day for the rest of my life...I would never stop being amused by it.  If you're having a really shitty day...watch this movie.  You'll be laughing in no time. 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
"A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter."-IMDB
If you've seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show...you might guess that I named this here blog after a line in it...and you'd be right!  I saw this movie for the first time about 5 or 6 years ago, and it became an instant favorite.  Tim Curry, in my opinion, is the KING of "character acting".  It's B-movie/sci-fi/horror at it's best.  It's also a musical and all of the songs are SO much fun!  Especially The Time Warp.  The first time I got my sister to watch it, I lost count on how many times we did The Time Warp dance.  It's so much fun!
"A young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, where their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one."-IMDB
I can't remember if someone recommended this to me, or if I randomly watched it on Netflix, but it was instant love for me.  It made Maggie Gyllenhaal one of my favorite actresses, and James Spader is really great as well.  As you can see from the movie still that I chose to share...it's pretty odd.  After being released form a mental hospital for a possible attempted suicide, Lee decides to get a job to occupy her time.  Once she gets settled in, she develops a sadomasochistic relationship with her boss...which ultimately helps her to overcome her depression and self mutilation.  It's definitely a quirky/sexually charged movie, but a feel-good one at the same time.  A real must-see.
"In New York City, Brandon's carefully cultivated private life -- which allows him to indulge his sexual addiction -- is disrupted when his sister arrives unannounced for an indefinite stay."-IMDB
 The Director of Shame, Steve McQueen, quickly became one of my very favorite Directors after I saw this film.  Although the content of the film is at times disturbing, it is absolutely a visual masterpiece.  One of the things I love most about this film, and McQueen films in general, are the "longer-than-usual" uncut scenes.  Typically you'll have a scene where the camera cuts back and forth between characters to keep the audience intrigued...but there's a lot of focus on a particular character...uncut...dialogue or not in this film.  I like that.  There's a really great scene like this where Carrie Mulligan's character Sissy sings New York at a classy restaurant, and it is absolutely beautiful.  If I could pick one movie that I would consider the biggest Oscar-snub ever...it's this one.  It baffles me to no end that it received no recognition at the Oscars.

The Shining
"A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where an evil and spiritual presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future."-IMDB
As a child, this was hands down my favorite horror film.  I rented it so many times, that my step mom finally told me that the video store said we weren't allowed to rent it anymore because it was never available to anyone else (obviously she was just tired of having to watch/listen to it hahaha).  Jack Nicholson is one of my favorite actors, and this is my favorite performance of his.  I'm actually planning on getting a tattoo closer to Halloween this year in honor of this film.  If that doesn't scream The Shining movie fan, I don't know what does.

So there you have it!  My top 10 Favorite Films of all Time!  What are your top 10?

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FF // 5

It's Friday already?!  Where did the week go?  I am by no means complaining...I love Fridays :)  Some of my favorite things this week include:
 I love these prints from Maiden Voyage!  You can get them as a 2 poster pack for $20 too!  Awesome!
Kaylah's cleaned cat skull as well as the opossum and raccoon lined up next to it in the photo below.  Aren't they gorgeous?!

I'm halfway through the fifth Game of Thrones book and being completely obsessed with the show...how could I not LOVE this print from Meluseena!  I'm going to be sad when I finish these books...but I'm more than excited for April to get here so I can start watching the new season!  By the way, if you've missed it-there's finally a preview for the new season here!

Oh and guess what...

I'm somewhat of an Oscars junkie so this is big news for me.  I get super excited about it every year...it's like Christmas for movies or something.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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Money, Making, and Moving

If you've taken a look at my 2014 Goals List, you'll know that getting more tattoos is something I really want to do this year.  I haven't had one in a couple of years and it's been driving me crazy!  My biggest excuse for not having gotten any more is that I never set money aside for it!  Soooo the other day I made this simple little "tattoo fund" jar:
My plan is that each month I will add $20, $40, $60, and $80 at a time (depending on being able to spare it or not of course!).  By the end of the month, I should have $200!  I'm considering going in for something MAYBE every 6-8 weeks. Ok scratch that.  I need a new computer before I start splurging on tattoos...even though I've been aching for a new one for such a long time!  After I get my new computer, I'll start saving towards tattoos :)  Now I've just got to decide what I want to get done first!

I've been making more pocket mirrors (if you missed the ones I posted before you can see them here!).  All of the ones that I've come up with so far are movie/TV quotes  as well as movie stills.  I'm soooo tempted to open shop with those items, but at the same time I want to work on more illustrated pieces.  What do you think?  This is one of the ones I drew up as a tester:
Please forgive the pencil markings-this is DEFINITELY just a rough draft!  I still want to do movie quotes, but I also wanted to give you an idea of the direction I'd like to go in for the non-quote ones.  Here's a Big Lebowski quote mirror that I made this week:

In other news, my apartment lease is up March 31st!  I know I've got a couple of months to get everything packed and moved, but I'm already stressing!  I dont' know about you, but even the thought of unloading groceries makes me grumbly...packing up this apartment and moving everything out within the next two months is going to be a BUMMER!  The end result is going to be amazing though-I can not wait to get moved into an actual HOUSE with Matthew!  Wooohoooo!  Sprinkles and Brando will be super grateful too!  To get me started I printed a few super handy packing/moving lists  from the Martha Stewart website.  I'll be rounding up all of my packing supplies this weekend.  I think I'm going to do a bit of Spring Cleaning already and go through the entire apartment and get rid of what I don't want/need.

If you've ever played the moving game, I'm open to any advice or tips you can give me! 

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Thrifting: A Very Turtley Find!

Introducing Sheldon the turtle lamp!

Is this not the sweetest-most awesome-feel good-happy lamp you've ever seen or what?!?  Of all of the random things I've bought at antique shops over the past couple of years, this has got to be my favorite find!  I'm a sucker for anything turtley (TMNT anyone?!), and they've been one of my favorite animals since childhood.  As soon as I saw him I snatched him right up as if there were a horde of crazed turtle creeps racing to beat me to him.  Haha turtle creeps!  I beat you!  He's mine!  :)
I knew I wanted him regardless of the price, but was really happy when I flipped the tag over and found that he was only $15!  This photo looks a bit dark, but he actually gives off the perfect amount of light for late night reading in bed.  Once I move into Matthew's house I think I'll keep him on the night stand on my side of the bed :)      

I did a quick search on eBay and there are actually quite a few of them listed on there.  If you're interested, you can find the link for my eBay search here.

What's your most treasured thrift find to date? 


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Blog Re-Design

What do you guys think?  I spent all day working out all of the kinks, and I think I'm finally satisfied with everything!  I purchased this template from Kotryna Bass Designs and created the banner myself with PicMonkey.

Things of note:
*I have social media buttons now!  Woohoo!  I set up a Facebook page and also have links for my other social media sites.  I plan on adding Instagram next month after I upgrade (FINALLY! GEEEZ!) to an iPhone!

*New Navigation Bar!  I will slowly be adding new links to the navigation bar including a link for book posts, collections, diy projects, and ad swaps among others :)  

Everything is so much easier to navigate now and I really hope you enjoy looking it over!  I would love to hear what you think!  Any tips or advice on anything else I should tweak or add please let me know!  

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Friday Favorites // 4

I LOVE this new Danny Brito print so much that I snatched it up as soon as I saw it!  I can't wait for it to come in!  I'm slowly gathering prints for my craft space....I'm building quite the collection!  Can you ever really have too many prints?  No.
 I want EVERY single stamp in this shop!  Talk To The Sun has the cutest collection of stamps.  A whole bunch of them would be really great for packaging too!  What do you think?
 Gosh I love Wes Anderson!  My three favorite things about his films are 1) The altogether kookiness 2) His use of color and 3) His choice in casting!  I mean, look at all of the amazing people who are going to be in this one!!!  You can check out the new trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel right here.
Jennifer Lawrence cracks me up!  This is me and this is something that I would say.

This new Old Spice commercial is soooooo creepy and funny.  If you haven't seen it watch it NOW!  You won't be disappointed.

Happy Friday!

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Shop Progress: What I'm Making

Hi guys!  Having stated in my 2014 Goals post that I want to finally open my Etsy shop this year...and then sharing in another post that I recently bought a button machine...I wanted to share what I've been making for the shop!

I had originally intended to sell cute soaps and other goodies that fall into the bath category, but I've decided to go in a completely different direction and do pocket mirrors and button sets instead!  I think I'll start off with just pocket mirrors at first, and then once I can afford the 1" button machine I'll start to introduce button sets.  Aside from the Pizza Slut one(which I'm not sure I can sell...I'm not licensed to use that font), all of these are movie/TV quotes.  Clockwise, beginning with the one below Pizza Slut, we have: Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Office, Amelie, Dumb and Dumber, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (on her t-shirt in the American film), and Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the center.  These are only a sneak peak at all of the ones I've made...I've got around 30 total so far.

What do you guys think?  Any feedback would be helpful and I would really appreciate it!  

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Movie Recommendation: Only God Forgives

I hope to make movie recommendations a regular feature here on Oh Rocky...at least once a month!  I know how much I appreciate finding out about great movies I might have otherwise missed out on, so I thought it would be a great idea to share some with you guys!  I mean...it would be so majorly selfish of me to keep all the movie magic to myself right?  The types of films I'll share could be anything from animated films to horror films and everything in between.  So let's get started!

Today I'm sharing the crime/drama/thriller:  Only God Forgives

All I knew about this movie before watching it was that it starred Ryan Gosling (um...yes please!) and was directed by the same guy (Nicolas Winding Refn) who did Drive.  I didn't know his name then, but I certainly do now!

Only God Forgives is colorful, violent, and dark with low dialogue and some really interesting/beautiful music throughout.  I will admit that this probably isn't the safest film for me to debut my "Movie Recommendation" feature considering it's an art-house film with generally low ratings, but it's the most recent film I've watched and really really loved.  It's definitely not your mainstream "let's go the the movies this Friday" film, so please...if you watch it...don't go into it with that mindset.  If, on the other hand, you're into films that are a bit...different, you may enjoy this one.

Plot Summary from IMDB:    
Bangkok. Ten years ago Julian killed a man and went on the run. Now he manages a Thai boxing club as a front for a drugs operation. Respected in the criminal underworld, deep inside, he feels empty. When Julian's brother murders an underage prostitute, the police call on retired cop Chang - the Angel of Vengeance. Chang allows the father to kill his daughter's murderer, then 'restores order' by chopping off the man's right hand. Julian's mother Crystal - the head of a powerful criminal organization - arrives in Bangkok to collect her son's body. She dispatches Julian to find his killers and 'raise hell'.

You can check out the trailer here.

If you watch it I'd love to hear what you thought about it!

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