The Next 2 or 3 Weeks....

I'm going to make this short since I'm typing this using the tiny buttons of my computer is out of commission indefinitely.... Which means I will be absent for the most part foot the next 2 to 3 weeks while I save up for a much needed (and well past due) new computer. Expect me to be back early in April with lots of great things to share!

This actually couldn't have come at a better time since I'm in the middle of a move! By the time I'm back to blogging I will be all moved in! I can't wait!

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Update: Weight Loss

Boy oh boy is it hard to stay on track sometimes.  I've fallen off track just a bit and have eaten pretty terribly for the last couple of days.

Note to self:  Never run out of groceries when you're trying to eat better!  

I let myself run out of nice things for breakfast and snacks.  Eating a tiny breakfast or one without much (or any) protein, and following it up with nothing but a packet of tuna before you get off work at 2 in the afternoon will leave you feeling so hungry that you rush to the nearest fast food joint and stuff yourself full of bad-for-you junk.  Lesson learned.  A few breakfast ideas:
Unfortunately, I've had slight allergies to avocado in the past...but I love it so much that I'll try THIS anyways!

Because my apartment is pretty much full of boxes and I'm in the middle of packing them all up, I've run out of space for practicing with my hula hoop.  I have 3 weeks left here, but will be moving my things before then so I'll pick it back up as soon as I can!

I'm down 5 lbs since the start of my challenge though!  Thirty-five pounds to go by the end of August.  Along with my hooping practice, I'm considering starting a Beachbody program once I get settled into Matthew's house.  I'm really attracted to the new 21 Day Fix.  21 days, 30 minute workouts, AND it comes with portion controlled containers.  I really like that it's only 21 days-I think it would be a great starting point for someone (like myself) who is interested in doing any of the Beachbody programs.  If you haven't heard of it before, watch this video:


If it goes well, I'd like to sign up as a Beachbody Coach and help motivate others!

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My Week In Photos // 1

I've decided to switch things up just a bit and start sharing photos every Monday of my everyday life.  I recently FINALLY upgraded to a smart phone and love that I can take and edit photos on the go!  This also means that you can now find me on Instagram (which you can check out HERE)!

Random photo of me + the most awesomely cute cell phone case that I bought from THIS SHOP!

Blue Is The Warmest Color!  Finally!  I haven't watched it yet (hopefully I can fit it in this week!), but I've been really excited about this film for a really long time.  Also, I finished The Shining!  I just started Doctor Sleep, and I'm totally loving it :)

I was soooo bummed out this weekend when I found out that The Grand Budapest Hotel wasn't showing at a theater near us!  Ughhh!  We did go see the new 300 movie though and it was pretty awesome.  I really didn't like the first one when it originally came out.  My 'then' boyfriend took me to see it and I didn't know anything about it.  I do appreciate stylized films now though and really loved this new one.  Speaking of stylized films...have you seen the preview for the new Sin City?  Put looks bad ass.  Also...I've been eating healthier since the start of my weight loss challenge and have been making breakfast smoothies every now and then.  This one contained soy milk, mango, banana, kiwi, pineapple, and spinach.  YUM!

I can't believe my hair has gotten so long!  I rocked the pixie and bob cuts for so long (and even the shaved head look) for so long.  I thought I'd never grow it out this long again.  I'm getting the itch to chop again though, so that might be something you'll see in a few months.  If I do, I'll miss being able to throw my hair up into a bun.

It seems like no matter what, my nails never look consistent as far as length goes.  One ends up getting chipped or something and then I chop it off along with the rest of them.  I actually managed to keep them all fairly well kept though last week though!  The photo on the left is Light A Candle and the photo on the left is The Next CEO.

I'm pet-sitting my friends Ball Python Oliver for a few months!  I think I'll probably always have a snake in the house.  I love 'em!  Brando has been such a sweetie lately.  He's always a sweetie, but he's been extra affectionate and I love it!

What have you been up to lately?

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FF // 12

I love these two dresses and that top!  I think they'd all look fantastic with some brown strappy sandals and simple gold toned accessories.  I'm so ready for Spring!
1: The Way It Grows Dress, 2: Prairie Date Dress, 3: Fleur Guide Top
Anything "Ron Swanson" makes me happy...and so it's no surprise I'd love this by Shopped Tattoos.  There are soooo many really neat (and funny) ones!  Check them out!

This week I discovered the super fun Yoga wear company: Onzie.  They have so many cute prints!  I really want a pair of the capris once I start working out more.

This doesn't exactly fit in with my "healthy eating" changes, but I can afford to eat one of these as a treat every now and then and I plan on doing so soon.  I have been obsessing about this recipe all week long:

I don't normally watch the Jimmy Kimmel show, but I tuned in after the Oscars and was laughing so hard after seeing this video:

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'm going to be seeing this this weekend:

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Pinteresting // 1

I'm so happy that I've decided to kick my ass into gear and start working towards a more healthy me.  I decided that March 1st would be my official start date of my 6 Month Weight Loss Challenge, and I have been pinning food, recipe, and workout inspiration stuff on Pinterest like a mad-woman!  Here are some that I've found inspiring and motivational:

I love anything with cute illustrations, and these are really cute (and informative!)

 These delicious apple sandwiches plus 22 other On-The-Go-Breakfasts can be found HERE!

 Oh man!  These look so fun!  YUM!

These are all really great ideas...and simple too!

These Baked Zucchini Fries look sooo delicious!  I think they'd go great with veggie burgers!

What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

PS:  You can follow me on Pinterest HERE!

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List: 2014 Oscar Winners & Highlights

I had such a swell day yesterday!  The high here on Saturday was 86 and then Sunday we woke up to a day full of sleet and snow!!!  I made a quick trip out for groceries and then rushed back and changed into my "stay-in-and-relax-all-day" outfit: leggings, over sized Hulk sweater, and giant slouchy socks :)  Lazy cozy days are my favorite :)

So on with today's Movie List: 2014 Oscar Winners!  13 of my 21 picks were winners!  So exciting!  Here's the breakdown:
All of these were my picks!  I did originally say Sandra Bullock for Best Actress since she was the only one I had seen in the category, but felt it would be Blanchett so I casted my vote to her on my official ballot!  Woohoo!
I was so excited for Lupita Nyong'o when she won for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.  Her genuine response and speech made me cry!

I also really enjoyed Jared Leto's acceptance speech.

Ellen did a great job hosting.  I'm sure you've all seen her twitter crashing mega it is anyways:

I cracked up laughing numerous times throughout the show.  I loved the whole pizza bit hahaha:

 Lupita wore the most gorgeous gown EVER!  And I love her hair.  Gosh she's pretty!  Also, I love that McConaughey and Leto wore white.  And I love Leto's red bow tie :)

Sadly, Leo left without an Oscar again, but I do like this:

You can see all of the Oscar winners HERE!
What were your favorite Oscar moments?  Did any of your favorites win?

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Don't Forget The Oscars Tonight!

I was browsing Oscar photos and such and came across this and HAD to share it.  I love Jennifer Lawrence SO much!

Here's the full video if you wanna check it out!

Happy Oscar Sunday!

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2014: February Review // March Goals

In February I:

// Was nominated by Harlynn for the Liebster Award!  Thanks again Harlynn!

//Shared a post in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman (one of my absolute all-time-favorite actors).  RIP.

//Started a "Things I Wanna Learn" feature.  Including Special Effects Makeup and Tattoo Flash Art.
//I recommended my favorite foreign film of the year: The Hunt.

//I put my "weigh gain" issues out there and came up with my "6 Month Weight Loss Plan".

//Photodumped my Valentine's Day animal feeding photos :)

//Listed my (current) favorite actresses.

//Shared a quick and yummy recipe for Vegetarian Stuffed Poblano Peppers.

//Let you in on my Oscar picks, which are tomorrow, March 2nd!

//Shared an update on how progress is coming along for my Etsy shop.

//Introduced my February ad-swappers!  Check them out HERE!

Exciting things that happened "offline":
I got a new phone (I'll share that soon!)
I lost a tiny bit of weight!  2 lbs down 38 to go!
I packed up my entire movie collection....and most of my books.

My March plans and goals include:

//Have everything packed and moved out of my apartment by March 23rd.

//Settle into my new home!

//Lose 7 lbs by March 31st.

//Practice my Hula Hooping at least 1 hour a day 3-4 days a week.

//Go see The Grand Budapest Hotel!  March 7th you guys!!!

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