The Next 2 or 3 Weeks....

I'm going to make this short since I'm typing this using the tiny buttons of my computer is out of commission indefinitely.... Which means I will be absent for the most part foot the next 2 to 3 weeks while I save up for a much needed (and well past due) new computer. Expect me to be back early in April with lots of great things to share!

This actually couldn't have come at a better time since I'm in the middle of a move! By the time I'm back to blogging I will be all moved in! I can't wait!

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  1. Hope your computer stops being a butt face!!


  2. Good luck with your house moving and see you when you return :)

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    1. Thanks! I never want to do it again! I got everything out on time and am even getting part of my deposit back (which I didn't think was going to happen thanks to the cats clawing the carpet so bad). Now if I could just get everything unpacked!

  4. Ohh I miss you. :(

    1. Unfortunately, my computer hasn't stopped being a butt face yet (that made me laugh so hard)! I'm going to have to purchase a new one! It'll be next month before that happens, but I'll be blogging again, and soon, thanks to Matthews computer! Yay!