List: 2014 Oscar Winners & Highlights

I had such a swell day yesterday!  The high here on Saturday was 86 and then Sunday we woke up to a day full of sleet and snow!!!  I made a quick trip out for groceries and then rushed back and changed into my "stay-in-and-relax-all-day" outfit: leggings, over sized Hulk sweater, and giant slouchy socks :)  Lazy cozy days are my favorite :)

So on with today's Movie List: 2014 Oscar Winners!  13 of my 21 picks were winners!  So exciting!  Here's the breakdown:
All of these were my picks!  I did originally say Sandra Bullock for Best Actress since she was the only one I had seen in the category, but felt it would be Blanchett so I casted my vote to her on my official ballot!  Woohoo!
I was so excited for Lupita Nyong'o when she won for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.  Her genuine response and speech made me cry!

I also really enjoyed Jared Leto's acceptance speech.

Ellen did a great job hosting.  I'm sure you've all seen her twitter crashing mega it is anyways:

I cracked up laughing numerous times throughout the show.  I loved the whole pizza bit hahaha:

 Lupita wore the most gorgeous gown EVER!  And I love her hair.  Gosh she's pretty!  Also, I love that McConaughey and Leto wore white.  And I love Leto's red bow tie :)

Sadly, Leo left without an Oscar again, but I do like this:

You can see all of the Oscar winners HERE!
What were your favorite Oscar moments?  Did any of your favorites win?

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  1. Unffff...Matthew McConaughey. Have you seen him in 'True Detective'? I was never really a huge fan of his until then.

  2. I've always liked him, but I really started appreciating his work as an actor after his performance in The Lincoln Lawyer. I really love him in True Detective and think he and Woody Harrelson work really well together. Aside from Dallas Buyers Club, my favorite recent film of his was Mud. Its nice to see him branch out into more prestigious roles.

  3. I thought Lupita's speech was so heartfelt and I really liked Jared Leto's speech too.
    I still have a lot of oscar nominated movies to catch up on. ;)

    1. I thought it was really nice that Leto went into such detail to share his story and thank his mom. And yeah-I've still got a few to catch up on myself!

  4. Lupita looks like Cinderella (her gown is that dreamy blue, her hair held by the head band with that bit of volume up in behind the band!). Jennifer Lawrence fell again, I love her even more for it (relatable)
    And I loved how relaxed and cool the awards were!
    And the "Selfie" that broke the Internet?! Sooo mad I only got to watch highlights. I wish these things were on "school nights"

  5. She DID look like Cinderella! And oh man, Jennifer Lawrence is the best!

  6. Leonardo for the win!
    I love Jared Leto, he's always amused me in one way or another. Haha.


  7. Matthew's speech was a little odd and so was Ellen. Such a great night. :)