FF // 12

I love these two dresses and that top!  I think they'd all look fantastic with some brown strappy sandals and simple gold toned accessories.  I'm so ready for Spring!
1: The Way It Grows Dress, 2: Prairie Date Dress, 3: Fleur Guide Top
Anything "Ron Swanson" makes me happy...and so it's no surprise I'd love this by Shopped Tattoos.  There are soooo many really neat (and funny) ones!  Check them out!

This week I discovered the super fun Yoga wear company: Onzie.  They have so many cute prints!  I really want a pair of the capris once I start working out more.

This doesn't exactly fit in with my "healthy eating" changes, but I can afford to eat one of these as a treat every now and then and I plan on doing so soon.  I have been obsessing about this recipe all week long:

I don't normally watch the Jimmy Kimmel show, but I tuned in after the Oscars and was laughing so hard after seeing this video:

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'm going to be seeing this this weekend:

 photo xoxomindi_zpse464302f.jpg


  1. I want to see ...Hotel too! and those Shopped tattoos are hilarious! And thank you for sharing Onzie! GREAT workout clothes!

    1. Once I reach the halfway point of my weight loss goal, I think I'm going to snag a pair of those capris tights!

  2. Love that first dress! They're all super pretty. c:


  3. what a fun post! I love spring florals, I wish spring would get here soon.
    I love the shopped tattoos :) and those workout pants are awesome :) I love happy prints
    I watched the Kimmel special too the movie spoofs were pretty funny
    and I love Wes Anderson, what's your fav movie of his?

    1. Oh gosh, it's so hard to choose! I really loved Moonrise Kingdom last year, but I think my favorite might be Rushmore! All of his films are fantastic and his set designs are so fun!!