Friday Favorites // 4

I LOVE this new Danny Brito print so much that I snatched it up as soon as I saw it!  I can't wait for it to come in!  I'm slowly gathering prints for my craft space....I'm building quite the collection!  Can you ever really have too many prints?  No.
 I want EVERY single stamp in this shop!  Talk To The Sun has the cutest collection of stamps.  A whole bunch of them would be really great for packaging too!  What do you think?
 Gosh I love Wes Anderson!  My three favorite things about his films are 1) The altogether kookiness 2) His use of color and 3) His choice in casting!  I mean, look at all of the amazing people who are going to be in this one!!!  You can check out the new trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel right here.
Jennifer Lawrence cracks me up!  This is me and this is something that I would say.

This new Old Spice commercial is soooooo creepy and funny.  If you haven't seen it watch it NOW!  You won't be disappointed.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Wes Anderson moviiieees! His use of color is so unique! My boyfriend and I will probably be Sam and Suzy this Halloween (we plan way in advance, haha!).

    JLaw is my big celebrity crush right now. Representin' the lazy crowd *pumps fist half-heartedly*

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

    1. Sam and Suzy for Halloween sounds so cute! I haven't decided what to be for Halloween this year yet...but I do want to plan ahead more than I did last year.

      Hahaha! I love her personality/attitude in interviews. She's great :)

  2. Love those stamps! AH!
    AND OMG ANOTHER WES ANDERSON FAN! I think my obsession with him goes beyond okay. I love all of his films and I am even planning to have my 26th birthday this year be a Wes Anderson theme.

    That Old Spice commercial freaked me out when I first saw it..its weird but catchy.

    1. If you do have a Wes Anderson themed bday party I wanna see pictures!!! That would be so awesome!

  3. those stamps are fun! I love Wes Anderson too and Jennifer Lawrence is awesome :)
    yes you are right that old spice commercial is funny and creepy, you can always count on old spice for awkward commercials ;)

  4. Those stamps are beyond amazing! I want them all too!

  5. I love the unicorn stamp and guess what? I'm a Danny Brito addict too. :)

  6. That advert is creeping me out and I haven't even started watching it yet!x

  7. That Dani Brito print is seriously amazing. I want!