FF // 5

It's Friday already?!  Where did the week go?  I am by no means complaining...I love Fridays :)  Some of my favorite things this week include:
 I love these prints from Maiden Voyage!  You can get them as a 2 poster pack for $20 too!  Awesome!
Kaylah's cleaned cat skull as well as the opossum and raccoon lined up next to it in the photo below.  Aren't they gorgeous?!

I'm halfway through the fifth Game of Thrones book and being completely obsessed with the show...how could I not LOVE this print from Meluseena!  I'm going to be sad when I finish these books...but I'm more than excited for April to get here so I can start watching the new season!  By the way, if you've missed it-there's finally a preview for the new season here!

Oh and guess what...

I'm somewhat of an Oscars junkie so this is big news for me.  I get super excited about it every year...it's like Christmas for movies or something.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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  1. I get excited about the oscars too YAY and did a similar post of top 5 including movies :)