Money, Making, and Moving

If you've taken a look at my 2014 Goals List, you'll know that getting more tattoos is something I really want to do this year.  I haven't had one in a couple of years and it's been driving me crazy!  My biggest excuse for not having gotten any more is that I never set money aside for it!  Soooo the other day I made this simple little "tattoo fund" jar:
My plan is that each month I will add $20, $40, $60, and $80 at a time (depending on being able to spare it or not of course!).  By the end of the month, I should have $200!  I'm considering going in for something MAYBE every 6-8 weeks. Ok scratch that.  I need a new computer before I start splurging on tattoos...even though I've been aching for a new one for such a long time!  After I get my new computer, I'll start saving towards tattoos :)  Now I've just got to decide what I want to get done first!

I've been making more pocket mirrors (if you missed the ones I posted before you can see them here!).  All of the ones that I've come up with so far are movie/TV quotes  as well as movie stills.  I'm soooo tempted to open shop with those items, but at the same time I want to work on more illustrated pieces.  What do you think?  This is one of the ones I drew up as a tester:
Please forgive the pencil markings-this is DEFINITELY just a rough draft!  I still want to do movie quotes, but I also wanted to give you an idea of the direction I'd like to go in for the non-quote ones.  Here's a Big Lebowski quote mirror that I made this week:

In other news, my apartment lease is up March 31st!  I know I've got a couple of months to get everything packed and moved, but I'm already stressing!  I dont' know about you, but even the thought of unloading groceries makes me grumbly...packing up this apartment and moving everything out within the next two months is going to be a BUMMER!  The end result is going to be amazing though-I can not wait to get moved into an actual HOUSE with Matthew!  Wooohoooo!  Sprinkles and Brando will be super grateful too!  To get me started I printed a few super handy packing/moving lists  from the Martha Stewart website.  I'll be rounding up all of my packing supplies this weekend.  I think I'm going to do a bit of Spring Cleaning already and go through the entire apartment and get rid of what I don't want/need.

If you've ever played the moving game, I'm open to any advice or tips you can give me! 

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