FF // 8

I'm so excited it's Friday...because that means we're just a few days away from "feasting" our eyes on more of THE WALKING DEAD!!!!  Yayyyyyy!  Here are a few of my favorite zombie finds this week:
I LOVE boardgames.  The Walking Dead edition of Monopoly!?  Hell yes!  Not owning this would make my game collection incomplete for sure.  Must. Have. It.

This Zombie Love Card from Tiny Kingdom makes me smile.

 I love this fun soap set from Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary!  I have the mold and supplies to make the teeth set, but not the heart.  Maybe I'll do a spin on it and post a tutorial sometime soon!  
This fabric from For Sew It Seams is so cuuuute!  I love the colors and the illustration style is so fun! 

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead?

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  1. My siblings enjoy the show, as do I when I watch it.
    I love that monopoly!!


  2. I love TWD and can't wait for it to come back tomorrow!

  3. I can't wait for TWD to come back tomorrow!

  4. This was a super cute post! I'm not really a fan of the show as much as the comics and games. But, of course I still loving anything Zombie. CUTE! :D

    1. Honestly I used to hate Zombie stuff...I know...blasphemy right? hahaha! I thought it was overdone and didn't think I would like the show...but I loved it! And now I've made a complete turn around as far as my opinion of Zombie stuff. Zombies = Awesomeness.