Top 5: Unconventionally Hot Actors I Would Sleep With

This list was personally very difficult for me to complete for the following two reasons.
  1. I find it difficult to find actors I WOULDN'T sleep with.  It's a running joke.
  2. None of these guys seem 'unconventionally hot' to ME, but I think they're low on the list of who the majority of society would immediately think of when presented with the task of listing hot actors on the spot.  
(Seth Rogen, Mark Duplass, Benedict Cumberbatch)
(Michael C Hall, Conan O'Brien)
Of the five, I think Michael C Hall was the most difficult to categorize as 'unconventionally hot'.  It would baffle me to no end to hear someone say he's not incredibly sexy.  I nearly skipped out on throwing Conan into the mix because I'm not sure many people would consider him an actor since he's the host of a Late Night talk show.  I personally group talk show personalities into the field of acting.  

So who would be on your Top 5 list?  

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