Dexter Finale: Revisited

I'm not going to ramble on about how Dexter is my favorite show (it's one of them!) and that I'm so terribly sad that it's over (it's gotta end at some point though and I'm satisfied with it).  I'm not going to ramble on in detail about my favorite episodes or characters or anything else that would make this post super long and possibly boring.

I'll just say:
I love Dexter.  His character is perfection.  I thank Jeff Lindsay for creating him.  I thank Showtime for picking it up. And I thank Michael C. Hall for bringing the character to life on screen.  Thank you thank you and thank you!

My sister wasn't able to see the final two episodes and she has patiently awaited this weekend to watch it with me; shushing everyone who tried to bring up the finale as a topic.  We're having the 'Dexter breakfast' for dinner, and I'm so excited to share the end with her!  Unfortunately, Kroger didn't have Blood Oranges (nooooooo!), so we had to go with regular oranges instead...I also don't have a juicer thingy so we may just have to blend up the orange and go smoothie style for desert.  I HAD a French Press even though I'm not a coffee drinker, but I can't seem to find it so I got these Starbucks instant coffee single serve packets to try out.  Yummy!
Have you made the Dexter breakfast?

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