iPhoneography Monday // 1

After a much needed vacation, I'm back home and excited to kick off my new blogging schedule with photos from my iPhone!

1) Brando looks super grumpy....I think I might have woken him up.
2) A few of my things in a corner of my desk.  Chelsea Cain books (I haven't gotten the first one in hardback yet.  Ooops!  ET of course, and my Ferris Bueller marker holding mug :)
3) I can't get enough of these guys.  If I could go back in time, I would totally be a Monty Python groupie.
4) The latest rat cage setup.  I love the way the checkered fabric looks in there :)  

My Kingsnake Nayner and a Red Ear Slider turtle that we rescued from the middle of the road at my mom's house.

I LOVE this photo of the snail from our back porch one morning.

Do any of you guys use Instagram regularly?  I'd love to check out your photos!  You can find me HERE!

 photo xoxomindi_zpse464302f.jpg


  1. I use instagram all the time, but i'm not the greatest iPhone photographer. I just had to comment on this post, because my ex boyfriend was TERRIFIED of snails. It was hilarious. If it rained and all the snails came out from the garden onto the path, he would refuse to leave the house unless I went outside and moved them all!

  2. Look at your cute little ratty! What a babe! I miss my rats so much :( x