Big Tree at Goose Island State Park

Is this not the most amazing Oak Tree you've ever seen?  I couldn't fit the entire tree in the shot with the lens I was using so this photo really does it no justice at all, you HAVE to see this tree in person.  Just a few quick stats to put in into perspective:
  • It's thought to be one of the largest in the nation.
  • The trunk circumference measures 34 feet & 1.75 inches!
  • The average trunk diameter is 11 feet & 2.25 inches!
  • It's 44 feet tall
  • It's over 1,000 years old!  

You can learn more about Big Tree by clicking HERE!

There are a few large Oak Trees nearby as well that have incredible root systems:

While checking the trees out, Matthew spotted this Texas Spiny Lizard, and I probably spent about 30 full minutes taking a gazillion photos hahaha!  Here's my favorite:

And this is where is gets it's name:

I hadn't climbed a tree in a few years and there are "no climbing" signs posted and a fence placed around Big Tree, so I climbed one of the other ones instead.  I am now convinced that this should be a regular occurrence.  I miss climbing trees!!!  That was thing when I was a kid!  Oh, and I had my first pedicure in over 8 years!  I've totally been missing out.

When is the last time you went tree climbing?

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  1. I used to go to a place called Big Tree Park near me when I was a kid. You couldn't climb the tree that had been dubbed 'The Senator'. but I sure climbed the others! The Senator was a bald cypress that they say was over 3,500 years old - - - I wish I had gotten a chance to photograph it, but a couple years ago, a woman burned it down and the bragged to her friends about how she 'burned down a tree older than Jesus'. Sad, sad sad. But still, I have some good memories there!
    Kelly @

  2. that tree is awesome!!! what a great picture!
    i think i have those type of lizards in my backyard....good to know ;)