New Illustrations + Society6

One of my July goals is to come up with at least 25 new illustrations to build my inventory for Oh Rocky.  I still have a ginormous list of other things I still need to do aside from illusrations including: designing and ordering business cards, filing for a DBA, and opening a business checking account.  Until I get everything in order for my Etsy shop, I decided I'd go ahead and make my illustrations available on Society6!  Each time I design something new I'll add it to Society6, so check it often!  I'm currently on a Princess Bride kick so expect to see at least 3 more very soon!  I've added a link that I'll keep at the bottom of my sidebar, so head over and check it out when you can!

You can visit my shop by clicking HERE!
Are you on Society6?  I'd love to check out your shop!

 photo xoxomindi_zpse464302f.jpg


  1. Oh my gosh this is too awesome !!! Congrats on you society6 shop!! It's so fun to put your artwork on different objects :)
    Can't wait to see the rest of your princess bride drawings :)