Goals: July 2014

1) 25 Illustrations.  I plan on cooking up AT LEAST 25 new digital illustrations to incorporate into items for my Etsy shop.  My plan is to open shop with at least 40 items and continue adding from there.  I'll definitely share as I go!

2) Paint Bathroom.  My bathroom is so messy right now and covered in wallpaper.  I'm ready to tear it down and slap some fresh paint on the walls.  I have a vision of what it's going to look like already and I'm totally excited to get started.

3) Paint Office.  My Office/Craft Room hasn't come very far in the way of "making it my own" since I moved in 3 months ago, and that makes me sad.  I have like 12 or more boxes to unpack in addition to the 6 crates of DVD's that need to be displayed.  I want to set up a shelving system for them on the wall, but I HAVE to paint first.  I think I've decided on the color(s) I'm going to go with, and so now I just need to make a run for paint.  I can't wait to share before and afters!!

4) Buy a new printer.  I've decided that in addition to selling buttons/magnets/pocket mirrors, I'm going to sell prints as well.  I hate the idea of having my prints done by someone else, and think I'll be much better off if I can print them at home myself.  I've picked out the printer I want already, so now I just need to set aside some money.

5) Lose 6-8 pounds.  My ultimate weight loss goal is to lose at least 50 pounds, and it seems so much less intimidating and discouraging if I break it up into tiny bits.  Losing 6-8 pounds per month is reasonable I think.

If I reach all of my goals this month, I'm splurging and getting a new tattoo!  Yay!!!

What are your goals this month?

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  1. awesome goals and i so hope you accomplish them all.