I Love Cicadas!

All my life, I've considered myself an explorer.  When I was a kid, my favorite way to spend my time was outdoors searching for this or that.  I was never afraid of catching or picking up ANYTHING.  I learned about cacti that way as a matter of fact, and a painful lesson it was!  One of my favorite things to hunt for though are cicadas and their shells.  It's always a special treat to find one as it's emerging, which hardly EVER happens, but I'm content just finding and collecting the shells.  I even keep a little apple jar on my shelf that's full of them :)
I'll usually just grab a jar or small bowl and go around checking trees, the house, or any standing structure really.  Those little guys aren't picky :)  In the above photo, I found all of those within about 10-15 minutes at my moms house. 

I also collect bones, neat rocks, and dead insects.  I'll save those for another post :)

Do you collect anything from nature?

 photo xoxomindi_zpse464302f.jpg


  1. Ahh, I wish we had these where I live. They look so cool. I'd collect them too! I wish I could find cool bones here too but I don't live near any forests or nature areas.

    1. I've seen some really neat painted skulls and bones and have been thinking of doing that to some of mine!