Photodump: 2013 in Photos

In 2013 I....
 Went on lots of hikes early in the year.
 ...And took lots of pretty pictures.
 Bought a nice big cat tree for Sprinkles and Brando!
 Decided to finally get pet rats and bought a HUGE rat mansion!
 Before the rats arrived...Brando thought it was set up for him.  Silly Brando.
 Welcomed these three little cuties to their new home!
 Made some neat (and colorful!) discoveries at Matthews house.
 Isn't this the most bad ass looking caterpillar?!
 Grew out my hair longer than it's ever!
 Made lots of cute yummy smelling soaps!
 Grew my hair out some more... :)
 Dressed as some sort of cat for Halloween at work.
 Collected more Cicada shells.
 Made this cute little mini diorama for these little guys.

Relived my teen years and went to this concert with my sister. night EVER! Hahaha!

And finally....Started this blog!  
I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me!

What were your favorite parts of 2013?

 photo xoxomindi_zpse464302f.jpg


  1. I would love to go on more walk this year, so I can take nice pictures like those and they're just really nice in general! My favorite parts of 2013 were probably the concerts I attended and a couple of academic achievements. I like to think this was a good year.

    1. I definitely want to do more hiking this year for sure. Congrats on the academic achievements!

  2. Your rats are so adorable. I miss having pet rats. I had 2 massive rat mansions like yours as well.

    1. Awww thanks! I'm definitely sold on that cage, they LOVE it and there's so much space for toys and climby things for them :)