While catching up on some blog reading this week, I noticed that Kaylah added her 2.25" Button Press to her Etsy shop The Destash Squid!  As soon as my check cleared yesterday, I immediately snatched it up.  I had my fingers crossed all day that it would still be there!  I am beyond excited guys!  I've been wanting a button machine for such a long time!  After paying for that, I went ahead and ordered the punch cutter and a batch of mirror sets to go with the accessories that come with the punch. 

I eventually want to get the 1" button machine for button sets, but I want to use this one mostly for pocket mirrors!  I'm planning on illustrating a bunch of pop culture related pieces and I can't wait to turn them into little pocket mirrors!  It's going to be so much fun!  Here are a couple of my favorite pocket mirrors from Etsy sellers who really inspire me:

These illustrations by Danny Brito are the beez neez yall!  Aren't they so cute!?  I love the Strawberry Milk one.  The one in the top left corner is really great too; I love all of the patterns in the background and that little cat is adorable!

I am also a big fan of Modern Girl Blitz.  All of her designs are empowering with a great big dose of pretty and fun!  I first discovered Modern Girl Blitz while searching for Ghost World items on Etsy.  It's one of my favorite movies, and so when I found this mirror I had to check out the rest of her shop.  There's nothing in there that I don't want!

Well, I'm off to work and then a few hours drive until I'm with my family for Christmas!  I can't wait for them to open their gifts!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oooh, what an awesome find! I'm dying for button machine, too! Just another toy on my workshop wish list. Danny and Midge are super inspirational to me, too. <3